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Ecsite Workrooms launch

More depth and content for science engagement professionals

Ecsite is delighted to announce the arrival of Ecsite Workrooms; a carefully selected range of topics, each with multiple sessions and opportunities, to inspire, provoke curiosity and to promote learning across the community. As part of our upcoming new Strategy (which will be launched in February) and to give more opportunities for science engagement professionals to learn together, these Workrooms will be led by professionals mostly from our field and consist of workshops, group discussions, panel sessions, sometimes offline exercises and much more. Our first range of Workrooms, taking place between February and May will be free for Ecsite members, and those taking place in the autumn will be discounted to members too.

What is the format of the Workrooms?

Each Workroom has a dedicated theme. There will be at least three events in each of the Workrooms, with each of those possibly taking up a different format. You will be able to sign up for one set of Workrooms at a time, which gives you access to all of the events related to that theme. With more time dedicated to one topic, with the events taking place on different days and weeks to allow you to integrate knowledge and skills, the Workrooms will offer depth and content learning opportunities that professionals within our network have been requesting.

Our first Workroom will cover the theme of Blended Learning and is for all professionals looking to develop their approach to informal science education, using co-creation and interactive methods. The full programme and registrations will open on 27 January - stay tuned!

Want to host your own Workroom?

The call for Workrooms proposals will open on 18 February for the series taking place in the autumn.


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