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Ecsite welcomes seven new members to its community

Members were chosen at the Ecsite Board meeting on 28 February

Ecsite is delighted to welcome seven new members into the community, following the Ecsite Board meeting in Amsterdam on 28 February.

4 Full members

Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (Kiev, Ukraine)

Science Education Centre Zagorje (Zabok, Croatia)

Nautical Centrum Nauki im. Profesora Jerzego Stelmach (Szczecin, Poland)

EURASF – European Science Film Academy (Langenzersdorf, Austria)

2 Associate members

National Geographic Society (Washington, United States)

National Science Museum (Daejeon, South Korea)

1 Sustaining member

Archimedes Exhibitions (Berlin, Germany)

For more information on our members and to find out how to become a member, check out our members directory or our join Ecsite pages.


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