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Ecsite welcomes seven new members

The Ecsite community is very pleased to welcome seven new members from across the globe into our network. Discover each new member in their words below:

botanika, Bremen, Germany

botanika is an experience facility in Bremen dedicated to the protection of biological diversity. It is a popular leisure destination, recognised educational institution and exceptional venue. Based on Bremen's extensive collection of rhododendrons, botanika is known for its Asian landscapes and cultures. Himalayas, Borneo or Japan, exotic things are cultivated there in the middle of Bremen.

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Lviv Open Lab, Lviv, Ukraine

Lviv Open Lab is a municipal space for science popularization and STEAM education among youth based in Lviv, Ukraine. Lviv Open Lab is a part of youth spaces network TVORY! (which means CREATE! in Ukrainian). There are four laboratories specialising in techno, chemistry, cyber and biotechnology fields designed in a way for youth to come and be free to experiment and discover new things.

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Muzeyyen Erkul Science Center, Gaziantep, Turkey

Muzeyyen Erkul Science Center was built by the Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality to prepare children for the future as educated and enthusiastic individuals as well as offering people of all ages and backgrounds the opportunity to experiment and explore the experimental tools in exhibit halls.

Oceanopolis, Brest, France

Océanopolis is the national centre for scientific culture dedicated to the Ocean. Since 1990, this equipment has recounted marine biodiversity, with an educational and creative scientific mediation. Better knowledge and understanding of the planet's various marine ecosystems contribute to improve their conservation. More than just a visit, it is a rigorous scientific journey through a world tour of seas and oceans, with nearly 80 aquariums and 9,000 m² of exhibition space. Océanopolis fosters knowledge sharing and strengthens the science-society link.

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Pointe-à-Callière, Old Montréal (Québec), Canada

Designated a national archaeological and historic site, Pointe-à-Callière presents centuries of history from the settlements of our First Peoples to the present day. Located on a spot occupied by humans for more than a thousand years and on the very site where Montréal was founded, the Museum is home to some remarkable architectural ruins that are showcased on site.

Sertek Exhibitions, Ankara, Turkey

Sertek Exhibitions is a design and build company of interactive experiences for science centres, museums and edutainment centers. Sertek offers services both as turn-key as well as partial solutions and have successfully completed 30+ interactive exhibition projects worldwide.

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Qassim Science Center, Unayzah, Saudi Arabia

Qassim Science Center aims to improve the region’s educational sector, while developing teaching and learning methods that fulfill the Kingdom’s 2030 vision. The center is located in the Qassim region of Saudi Arabia, in the city of Unaizah, with venue space covering 47,000 square meters.

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