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Ecsite Survey on interactive exhibits now open

Ecsite has now launched a survey on interactive exhibits – Visit the website and submit your exhibits!

We are looking for your most successful, interesting and inspiring exhibits. Whether an immersive experience or a simple game,  we want to hear about it. You can submit as many exhibits as you like in the survey.  Ecsite will gather the entries and identify the exhibits that would best fit in the Musée des Confluences in Lyon, France. This museum has commissioned Ecsite to identify the exhibits that will best fit its needs. More than this, we intend to provide through the survey additional benefits to all of you taking part and to our members.  In the survey you will find a short list of fields to fill in for each exhibit. Remember that we are looking for individual exhibits and not for travelling exhibitions. Whether you belong to a science centre or science museum that is producing interactive exhibits or whether you are an external exhibit supplier, don’t hesitate – we are waiting for your contribution! All you have to do is enter the survey and submit your exhibits.