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Ecsite Members, help set priorities for 2016-2020

A new Strategic Plan developed by the Ecsite Board was presented to the Annual General Meeting in Trento on 10 June 2015.

This Strategic plan outlines Ecsite's vision for the future, states its mission and values and sets five priorities for the years 2016-2020. It will be translated into a two-year action plan by the Ecsite Executive Committee in the coming weeks.

Ecsite members are invited to help rank priorities - how would you prioritise the following five points?

  • Enable greater collaboration for members
  • Maximize the impact and the role of our members
  • Nurture the membership
  • Advocate for science engagement and influence policy
  • Use resources to their fullest potential

Send feedback directly to Executive Director Catherine Franche by the end of 2 September.

Find the full Strategic Plan below.



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