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Ecsite is hiring!

Ecsite is urgently looking for a Project Manager to coordinate some of its EU funded projects in the field of science communication.

You will be responsible for implementing activities related to EU funded projects to ensure they are carried out consistently and successfully in accordance with the project’s rules and workplan. You will monitor all aspects for clear goals, objectives and timelines by liaising with the consortium, raising critical issues as appropriate, producing the required contents and ensuring that priorities and objectives are met.

Please note that the Project Manager will not work on policy-issues or advocacy.

Preferred start date: 7 April 2015

For more information on the position and details on how to apply please download the job description below.

We have been evaluating applications on a rolling basis until we find the best candidate. By Monday 16 March noon, we had already received many good applications - we hence decided to stop reviewing incoming applications after midnight on that day. Applications received on Tuesday 17 March and Wednesday 18 March will be kept aside in case the first round is not successful.



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