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Ecsite Environmental Emergency Action - Consultation meetings

The Environmental Emergency is everyone’s responsibility and most critical concern and Ecsite is very pleased to announce the kick off of its Environment Emergency Action in 2023.

The Action takes the form of a member Pledge, stating the aspiration to do better and a series of activities including info sessions and working groups to support you and your teams to drive change.

Taking the input from attendees of the 2022 Directors Forum in Amsterdam, a draft Environment Emergency Pledge has been developed and agreed by the Ecsite Board of Directors.

We would like to invite Ecsite members to join Ecsite President Bruno Maquart and Executive Director Catherine Franche at one of two online consultation meetings to get more information on the Pledge and give your input.

Please note: the same material will be covered in each meeting, so there is no need to join them all/both.

We can only do this together, so your inputs are invaluable, and we very much hope you can find the time to join us.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Sign the pledge now