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Ecsite Coffee & chat - a guide to wonder.me

An Ecsite member but didn't receive the link? Email Helen Wilks at the Ecsite Office.

A guide to using the platform

  • We are using wonder.me to meet for Coffee & chat and members should have received the link via email. The platform looks quite different from Zoom or Skype, and lets you control who you speak to. It provides a flexible way to interact with others and join smaller groups. It also has a broadcast function which the host can use. Your microphone and camera will automatically turn on once you’re close enough to another attendee
  • You can drop in any time between 11.00-12.00
  • The platform is only suitable for Chrome and Firefox browsers, so please make sure you are using these (Safari does not allow wonder.me to work)
  • When you first click the link, you’ll be asked to enter your name and take a photo. Please enter your full name (not your organisation’s name), as this will be how others find you in the meeting room
  • To see the whole room, ensure you zoom out, either using the + and - at the top left of the screen, or by using your mouse if you have a scroll wheel
  • The ‘people’ icon at the top right-hand side of your screen is the participants list, so you can see who is in attendance in real time
  • You can use the chat function, also at the top right-hand side of the screen, but please ensure you are using the Everyone tab if you want everyone to see your message! There are three options; Circle - only for those you are talking to within your ‘bubble,’ Private - to a selected participant from the list, or Everyone - all the participants in attendance
  • We have arranged some room areas to get you talking to other members - simply move your avatar slowly towards one of these areas or towards someone and once you get close to another attendee, your microphone and camera will turn on and you’ll be able to chat. Others can also join you by moving closer to your circle
  • If you move your avatar away while in the middle of a conversation, you’ll be out of the circle and won’t be part of the conversation anymore - but to rejoin, just move closer to the rest of the group / other participants
  • The Host can broadcast during the meeting. This means that they will appear on your screen, even if you were not talking to them previously, and your microphone and camera will be turned off automatically so that you can hear the Host speaking. When the broadcast ends, you’ll then return to the circle you were in before the broadcast started
  • You can toggle your microphone and camera on and off at any time during the meeting; just click on the icons at the bottom of your screen
  • Please ensure you have all other meeting platforms (Zoom, Skype etc.) turned off when using wonder.me, as your camera and microphone may not work! If it still doesn’t work, refresh your page

Coffee & chat will take place at the following dates and times (CET):

  • 18 March, 11.00-12.00
  • 15 April, 11.00-12.00
  • 20 May, 11.00-12.00


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