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Ecsite AGM 2019 - get ready

The Ecsite Annual General Meeting will be taking place on Friday 7 June 2019, 15:45 – 17:00, in Copenhagen, Denmark. All Ecsite members are welcome to attend but only Full members have voting rights.

Agenda and documents

Full members will be receiving an invitation and the Agenda by email and by post. Download the AGM booklet, using the password provided in your invitation.

This year, you will be electing the President and eight Board Trustees - take a look at candidacies in the AGM booklet. As each year, you will also be approving the activity report 2018, accounts 2018, budget 2019 and other items figuring on the agenda.

Voting rights

Please remember that only Full members that have paid their 2019 membership fees have the right to vote. If your institution cannot be present at the Annual General Assembly, you can give a proxy to another Full member who will then be able to vote on your behalf. A model is proposed in the AGM booklet after the section Election of the Board. According to our Internal Regulations a member may vote by proxy on behalf of a maximum of three other members.

If your institution will be represented by a person other than the official Ecsite representative, please remember to bring a signed letter with the official heading of the institution designating the person who can vote for your institution.

Voting system

This year, all votes will be cast digitally to allow a faster and smoother meeting process.

Please bring along with you an electronic device such as a smartphone, a tablet or a computer with internet access via a WIFI connection and sufficient energy autonomy for the duration of the meeting. Note that if you hold a proxy from another organisation, having separate devices for each proxy would be more convenient. Additional devices could be provided on site if needed.

We will provide you onsite with a short link and a QR code to access the various votes, as well as a personal code to log in.



Tuborg Havnevej 7

2900 Hellerup (Copenhagen), Denmark

The Eatery

As requested by a number of Full members, the AGM will be kept short. Coffee will be served at the AGM. Please make sure to be on time to reach the quorum necessary to open the meeting, and out of respect for the other members.



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