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Ecsite 2022 - Reforestation update

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One of Ecsite's five strategic commitments is to the Climate and Biodiversity Crisis.

So, for the Ecsite 2022 Conference, €10 per conference attendee was donated to the forestry department of the District of Heilbronn for reforestation projects.

The employees of the Forestry office take care of 28,000 hectares of forest in the district and replant in bare forest areas which have arisen as a result of drought, insect or fungal damage.

Forester Jörn Hartmann, who co-ordinates donations for the reforestation project in the region was kind enough to give Spokes an update on what, when & where the planting will take place.

When will the trees be planted?

Jörn expects that following the extreme summer, there will be some damaged areas of forest due to the bark beetle and the drought, so Ecsite's trees will be planted in November and December 2022.

Where will the trees be?

The trees will be planted in cities surrounding Heilbronn, the location of the 2022 Ecsite Conference, in Weinsberg, Brackenheim and Güglingen.

What trees will be planted?

The forestry team primarily plant native German Oaks and conifers such as Douglas firs and Cedars which are more resilient in times of low rainfall and high temperatures.

Who will plant the trees?

''We want to plant the trees with school classes from the region and with volunteer forest friends'' states Jörn. ''So far we have had ten planting campaigns with over 300 people who have planted around 4000 trees.''

How much will Ecsite's donation cover?

Ecsite's nearly €10,000 buy almost 2,000 oak trees which corresponds to an area of ​​6,000 square meters, roughly the size of a soccer field.

Take a look at the planting which took place in the spring