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Do you need more reasons to join our MOOC?


What if the BEST policies were the ones directly created WITH and BY citizens?

“Co-creation” and “co-design” are buzzwords that you might have encountered before. But, what do they mean exactly? And most importantly, what do they entail, in the context of policymaking? You will discover that establishing a true and relevant citizen engagement might not be as difficult as you think! You can easily get the basic knowledge you need to explore new ways of collaborating directly with citizens to bridge the gap between society, science and innovation.

By joining the course “Co-creation for policymakers: an introductory course”, you will step into the world of innovation for policymaking. Hear about success stories where involving citizens from the very beginning of the process has made possible the development of effective and meaningful solutions to relevant societal problems. Within five weeks, our experts will guide you through the different steps of co-creation methodologies, and share with you their perspective on the future of public administrations.

And as a picture is worth a thousand words, have a look at our video trailer

Week 1: Why is policymaking in urgent need of innovation?
Week 2: How can user-centricity and co-creation improve policies?
Week 3: What is the (real) problem?
Week 4: How can we co-design solutions to our community’s problems?
Week 5: How can we implement solutions and make them sustainable over time?

Starting in March 2021 on Pok and EU-Academy

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