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Discover our courses on citizen science

Citizen science project

The EU-Citizen.Science project has recently published its very own training modules.

Our ambition to bring science closer to society and to strengthen the leverage of citizen science in research and policymaking just took a step further!

On top of the wide catalogue of citizen science training modules that we have gathered thanks to your contribution and the community's help, we have also identified some aspects of citizen science that were not covered by any free and available-to-all educational material.

Our partners have joined forces and developed a series of online courses on various topics.

For now, four online courses are available on our Moodle integration:

Stay tuned! More are to come in the coming months.

And if you have an idea for a topic, or have yourself created a course that you would like to see published on our platform, our only advice would be to closely follow our communication channels (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or newsletter), you might get good news very soon...


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