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Community meet-up #Ecsite2023

1. Art&Science melting pot

Do you believe that when science and the arts meet, they can create something unique and new? Why not come and have a chat with like-minded friends and start brainstorming future projects and sessions in the spirit of art-sci-tech & society.

2. Is the climate crisis a crisis of imagination?

Come and join a discussion on the value of convening different disciplines, and how this might help us imagine and steer towards alternative, more positive futures.

3. Making and Tinkering

Everyone is a maker! Join us to check out our PopUp MakerSpace + Terrace, see what others in the Ecsite community are tinkering with, and connect over ideas. Feel free to bring something you’re working on to add to our tinkering cabinet of curiosities, or just come to meet others in the community.

4. Neurodiversity

Are you neurodivergent or suspect that you might be? Come hang out with your tribe! (ADHD, executive disfunction, autism, PDA, OCD, dyslexia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia etc).

5. Diversci

Welcome to our community of change-makers and daring science engagement professionals! Join us for peer-support meet-up with colleagues from the Diversci collective and get the opportunity to become a member of our collective. We will provide a safe and supportive space to discuss equity, diversity and inclusion and explore our power for change !

6. REV Group

Are you interested in research and evaluation? Then join this meet-up hosted by the REV Group. This is a group that connects researchers and evaluation experts from various science centres and museums. Come share your interests, help shape the programme of REV group meetings and vote for their Steering Committee.

7. Digital immersive spaces: the future of Science Centres?

Are you interested in the development of temporary or permanent digital immersive spaces and related content? Let's meet!