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Cards for fostering sparkling RRI conversations

The RRI Tools Final conference is over...during two days we gathered around inspiring keynote speakers, reflective workshops and rich conversations about the outcomes of this 3 year project and the "footprint"of all the good work done. It was the best opportunity to share with everyone the RRI Cards, created by the Ecsite team, to complement training sessions, but also to use them in other contexts such us meetings, workshops or even a conference.

Cards have been used since early human history for different purposes, but overall, for presenting a topic or a situation, with which the people holding the cards play, reflect, argue or debate. This set of cards presents different questions, statements & ideas that will foster, hopefully, friendly conversations and collective reflections about different aspects of Research and Innovation, and the different scopes of Responsible Research and Innovation, RRI. Making science engaging is vital work, but fraught with challenges. How do you stay relevant in your local community? Is open access the same for everyone? What are our expectations of research and innovation? Like science itself, RRI isn’t about a specific process or tool –it’ s a framework for thinking in a way that anticipates the consequences of research and innovation, brings issues into the open, and involves society in discussing how science and technology can help create a better world for future generations.

The printable version of the cards and guidelines for possible uses is here and in the RRI toolkit, of course!



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