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Call for visual identity designers - SocKETs project

Ecsite is looking for designers to come up with a visual identity and a set of communication tools for a new EU funded project - SockKETs.

The SocKETs project’s main objective is to enable industry (e.g. manufacturers and suppliers) to engage with citizens on developing Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) that consider societal priorities, expectations and concerns.

Please send a single document including:

  • Your proposal (brief description)
  • Project timeline with major tasks and milestones (to assess the process)
  • Project budget by line item (to assess the process)
  • Portfolio indicating examples of similarly-complex projects (to assess the technical capability)

Only completed proposals will be assessed.

The contract will be awarded against the following criteria:

1. Price efficiency and effectiveness

2. Demonstrated track record of working with similar projects and/or formats

3. Excellent understanding and creative interpretation of the project

4. Clear and well-defined working process

The budget set for this task is max. 5.000 €. excl. VAT.

Send your proposal to ajwhittingtond@ecsite.eu with the subject "SocKETs - visual identity 2020" by 15 November 2020, 23:59 CET.

For more information please refer to the brief attached below.



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