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Call for Topics and Speakers: EEEA programme of activities

Ecsite is offering its members a free program of weekly 'Insights Live!' events throughout 2023 to support them on their journey towards environmental sustainability.

This initiative is part of the Ecsite Environmental Emergency Action and ongoing efforts to support Ecsite members in their sustainability journey.

Ecsite members are invited to suggest topics and speakers for the Autumn programme, which will feature two speakers sharing their insights, experiences, and practical tips on various topics, including (but not limited to):

  • Waste management
  • Sustainable catering
  • Energy and carbon audits and reduction
  • Visitor transportation
  • Water management
  • Sustainable building design
  • Historical building sustainability
  • Biodiversity impact reduction
  • Mobilising and empowering teams
  • Legal obligations
  • Sustainable outdoor practices
  • Institutional sustainability strategy
  • Sustainable operational plans
  • Digital sustainability

To propose a topic or speaker, send an email to communication@ecsite.eu by 28 April and provide the following details:

  • Topic title
  • Brief description of the topic
  • Speaker's name, job title, and organisation
  • Brief explanation of why you think this speaker would be a valuable addition to the event based on their experience and expertise.

Alternatively, you can request a 30-minute Zoom meeting with the Project Manager, Raquel da Cunha, to explain your pitch.

The Insights Live! events aim to inspire and motivate members to drive change, regardless of their organisation's current stage of environmental sustainability. Members attending the event may always present their own case studies, challenges, and solutions. The events will run twice to allow for maximum participation, and Ecsite members are encouraged to attend.

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