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Call for Third Parties - join Sea Change project

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About the project

Ecsite is looking for three (3) Third Parties (TP) to join Sea Change, an EU Horizon 2020 project that has begun in March 2015. The 3-year long project is coordinated by the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom, MBA, and Ecsite is a partner.

The overarching goals of Sea Change are to bring about a fundamental “Sea Change” in the way European citizens view their relationship with the sea, by empowering them – as ‘Ocean Literate’ citizens - to take direct and sustainable action towards healthy seas and ocean, healthy communities and ultimately - a healthy planet. Key objectives of Sea Change are to:

• Compile an in-depth review of the links between Seas and Ocean and Human health based on latest research knowledge outputs

• Build upon the latest social research on citizen and stakeholder attitudes, perceptions and values to help design and implement successful mobilisation activities focused on education, community, governance actors and directly targeted at citizens

• Build upon significant work to date, adopting best practice and embedding Ocean Literacy across established strategic initiatives and networks in order to help maximise impact and ensure sustainability

• Ensure that efforts to sustain an Ocean Literate society in Europe continue beyond the life of Sea Change through codes of good practice, public campaigns and other ongoing community activities.

• Ensure knowledge exchange with transatlantic partners to bring about a global approach to protecting the planet’s shared seas and ocean. Sea Change includes a mobilisation phase engaging with citizens, formal education and policy actors.

Role of Third Parties

We need to select three (3) science centres or museums (or similar) as TP, that will help the project achieve its goals, through performing the following tasks:

1. Public Engagement activities:

Third Parties will implement one event, targeting one of the following audiences:

(1) Inter-generational exchange of knowledge - Senior citizens sharing their knowledge and experiences from living/working on the coast with young people imparting facts, culture and history.

(2) Inter-stakeholder exchange of knowledge - Water users e.g. sport enthusiasts (divers, sailors, kite-surfers, etc.)

Activities should take place between February 2017 and February 2018 and they would be based on the outcomes of the project.

2. Carry out communications activities in conjunction with established thematic days promoting public awareness:

Through the duration of the project TPs will disseminate the project and its main outcomes among their networks of stakeholders, key contacts like museums and aquaria and usual channels, focusing the dissemination efforts around the public engagement activities they organize(e.g. World Ocean Day, European Researchers’ Night, European Ocean Day). They will support coordinated actions to engage teachers and their existing networks in their countries and sharing how the tools of Sea Change can be implemented in science centers and museums.

3. Attend two meetings/events:

Third Parties will attend a project Consortium meeting and the Sea Change pre-conference event at the Ecsite Annual Conference 2016 or 2017.

4. Reporting:

Third Parties will provide detailed reports on all activities as required by Ecsite. Third Parties will have to record their time by filling in timesheets.

5. Budget for each TP:

For each TP there is a total budget of €10.000, meant to cover personel costs, direct costs for the logistical organization of the event and travel costs.

6. a. Criteria for selection: obligatory

Ecsite member status (Full Members prioritised);
Relevant experience, capacity and skills in dialogue events;
Active in public engagement in science;
The institution must have a physical venue to carry out some of the activities;
An English-speaking project manager.

b. Criteria for selection: desirable

Existing partnerships and networks related to ocean literacy;
Experience in sea and oceans related issues.

Countries: We are wishing to have TPs representing the Baltic Sea, the North Sea, the Black Sea and a land locked country (country without sea borders), so we invite to participate the following countries:

Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Sweden, Turkey and United Kingdom.

How to apply

Please fill in the online form by 30th June. Only successful applicants will be notified of the outcome.


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