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Call for tender to host the FOOD 2030 Interactive Exhibition

About the project:

Ecsite is involved in the Horizon Europe Project CLEVERFOOD (Grant Agreement no. 101086320) which aims to foster the transformation of European food systems towards more regenerative, resilient, and sustainable food systems through the mobilization of European citizens, including children and the youth but also stakeholders from the food sector (farmers, producers, investors & entrepreneurs, researchers, policymakers, educators…)

Among the different activities of the project, an interactive exhibition will be designed with the objective of raising awareness of sustainable food system transformation among the general public. This FOOD 2030 Interactive Exhibition is currently being developed by our member, the Pavilion of Knowledge – Ciência Viva Science Centre (Lisbon, Portugal). The exhibition will travel to five countries hosting the Presidency of the Council of the European Union: Hungary, Poland, Denmark, Cyprus and Ireland.

The first two countries will be Hungary in the second semester of 2024 and Poland in the first semester of 2025. As a result, Ecsite is looking for science centres, museums or other relevant science engagement organisations in these two countries who would be interested in hosting the exhibition, and complementing it with a locally relevant public engagement programme.

Role of the hosts:

The main tasks of the hosts will be to:

  • Host the exhibition at their premises for a duration of minimum 2 months during the semester of Presidency of the Council of the European Union of their country (see Timeline below).
  • Store the exhibition safely in between traveling and showing periods.
  • Build a programme of engagement activities with locally relevant initiatives and citizen science projects, mobilizing the local science engagement ecosystem, media partners (including social media) and, if relevant, additional sponsors. The programme will engage with citizens in the region, including youth, families & senior citizens.
  • A cross-learning hub will be organized by Ecsite to allow hosts from different countries to exchange on their plans for this engagement programme, share their experience and inspire each other.
  • Incorporate the educational pack for the FOOD 2030 Interactive Exhibition (currently developed by the CLEVERFOOD project) in the programme of engagement activities
  • Collect data for impact measurements of the exhibition and the programme of engagement activities (plan at least 3 FTE days)

Other associated tasks can be included in the collaboration agreement to be signed with Ecsite upon selection of the hosts.


36,800 EUR (excl. VAT) are available per host.

Ecsite will arrange transport of the exhibition and cover the exhibition travel costs (travel insurance included) separately.

You might consider reserving some budget for a study visit of the exhibition during its pilot phase at Pavilion of Knowledge – Ciência Viva Science Centre in Lisbon, Portugal, or, for Polish applicants, during its display by the Hungarian host to be selected via this call.


The selected host for each country will have the status of Subcontractor in the CLEVERFOOD project: they will sign a collaboration agreement with, and send invoices to Ecsite, who is a Beneficiary of the CLEVERFOOD Grant Agreement.

They will collaborate primarily with Ecsite and the Pavilion of Knowledge – Ciência Viva Science Centre, and might be called to collaborate with the project’s partners involved in Work Package 6 “Public Engagement and Citizen Empowerment”.

They will also have the opportunity to join a cross-learning hub with other country hosts to share lessons & ideas regarding local adaptation of the exhibition and local engagement activities.


The hosting (including storage, display and maintenance) of the exhibition will take place during the relevant semester of Presidencies of the Council of the European Union and according to the following agenda:

  • Hungary – second half of September to 31st December 2024
  • Poland – 1st January to 30th June 2025

During this period, the exhibition will be displayed for a minimum of 2 months, and the host will ensure storage for the remainder of the semester, from delivery to departure of the exhibition.

In line with the CLEVERFOOD project Grant Agreement, the exhibition will be delivered to the project consortium in mid-September 2024 and will only start travelling then.

General requirements:

  • Premises located in Hungary or Poland.
  • The host must be active in public engagement in science.
  • The entity hosting the exhibition will be responsible for cleaning, maintenance and replacement costs of damaged equipment (see the point about insurance below)
  • The host must provide a financial offer reasonably proving the viability of their financial planning for this assignment.

Technical requirements:

  • 150 m2 area available to display the full exhibition (exhibits will be independent and expected to cater for modularity in case of smaller exhibition space available)
  • Suitable storage room for the exhibition’s packing material (max. 30m2 expected).
  • EU standard electric system. Routing and security of electricity to the exhibits according to the established exhibition layout.
  • Loading, unloading and installation equipment available
  • Truck accesses (expected vehicle type: lorry) for pallet trucks.
  • Access doors dimension: 1,40 m W /2,10 m H
  • Provide remote access to the exhibits. This access should be through an external network, i.e. not through the local servers.
  • The host needs to ensure any necessary scenic illumination.
  • The host is in charge of ensuring safety conditions as well as acclimatization and humidity control (in storage and display)
    • 1. During the period they are in storage or in display, exhibits will be protected from possible deterioration caused by climate and light. The temperature and humidity conditions must be: 50-65 % relative humidity and 17-22 °C temperature. Furthermore, the exhibits must not be exposed to direct unfiltered sunlight and must be protected from artificial light. The lux level recommended by ICOM must be maintained (stone, metal, ceramic, black and white photos, 300 lux).
    • 2. Exhibits must be conserved under maximum safety precautions and with adequate fire protection.
  • The host must ensure access to the exhibition for people with reduced mobility (e.g. elevators, access ramps)
  • Appropriate insurance covering protection of the exhibition material at assembly and disassembly, storage and display. The exact value of the exhibition will be defined by the value of each exhibit (+VAT). We estimate the overall value will be equal to or less than the overall budget for development of the exhibition, which is 270.000,00EUR (+VAT).
    • Note: travelling insurance is covered by Ecsite
    • Note 2: a two-year warranty will be available. It is expected to cover the exhibition in case of damage until September 2026, except for voluntary damage such as vandalism, etc...

Staff requirements:

Please note that one staff member can cover several requirements.

  • A point of contact with good English skills to liaise with the team of the CLEVERFOOD project.
  • 4-person team for the exhibition’s unpacking and installation, as well as for disassembling and packing for transportation (this is essential for the assembly, expected to take around 1-2 days).
  • Team for the adaptation of the exhibition: multimedia adaptation, translation from English into local language(s) & adaptation of content to local context, graphic design panels & labels.
  • Cleaning team and Maintenance team with skills to manage interactive exhibits, namely with basic skills in electricity, electronics, mechanics and an IT element.
  • Mediator/Explainer/Attendance team to assure the correct follow-up and surveillance of the exhibition, including the preparation & implementation of a programme of engagement activities in local languages

Award criteria:

In the event that multiple tenderers meet all requirements, the following criteria will be used to evaluate applications and choose a host:

  • Familiarity with the topic:
    • Experience with topics related to food systems
    • Existing link to their local food ecosystem
  • Impact:
    • Estimated number of visitors expected, and other metrics available to estimate the impact of the exhibition locally
    • Plan for promotion of the exhibition
    • Plan for prolonging impact beyond the duration of the exhibition
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion:
    • Strategy and commitment to the inclusion of vulnerable groups through the engagement programme
    • Consideration for cultural differences and sensitivities in the adaptation of the exhibition to local context, and in the design and delivery of engagement activities
  • Community Outreach & Partnerships
    • Innovative suggestions for local engagement activities
    • Evidence of existing collaboration or strategy to involve locally relevant initiatives, citizen science projects, schools & science engagement ecosystem, media partners, local political decision-makers, or additional sponsors of the exhibition
    • Plan for collaboration with experts and stakeholders facilitating a multidisciplinary approach to engagement
  • Sustainability:
    • Commitments of the host towards minimizing their environmental impact

Who can tender?

Any science center, museum or other relevant science engagement organisation with premises in Hungary or Poland. This call is not restricted to Ecsite members.

How to tender

To tender, please send the following list of documents to Clara Boissenin (cboissenin@ecsite.eu) by 31st January 2024, 23.59 CET:

  • The form in the Attachments section below (filled and signed)
  • A financial offer, in your own organisation’s quote template, with details of your planned budget
  • A floor map & pictures of the room where you wish to display the exhibition

Proposals will be evaluated against the requirements & criteria from this call by an evaluation committee composed of partners of the CLEVERFOOD project in the first half of February 2024. During the evaluation period, we may contact you to request clarifications or evidence if necessary.

For any further questions, please contact Clara Boissenin at cboissenin@ecsite.eu.



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