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Call for session proposals is closed

Session at #Ecsite2018, in Geneva, Switzerland. Credit @Ecsite/NHMGeneva

We hope you were on time to submit your brilliant session idea. Now you might be wondering, what after?

The Conference Programme Committee will now evaluate all suggested sessions. They will meet in Brussels for a 3-days meeting, in which they'll debate which sessions to accept, which sessions to leave out, which topics aren't being covered at the Conference, etc.

The outcome of this meeting will be shared with you by mid-December. You'll then be notified if your session was accepted, accepted with conditions or rejected. Those sessions accepted or accepted with conditions will have until 23 January to polish their abstracts, speakers contributions, etc.

On 23 January, sessions will be locked and the Ecsite office will start working on the conference programme that will be launched together with the opening of online registrations: 12 February.

So for now, it's your turn to relax while the Programme Committee goes through hundreds of submissions and will do their best to select those that you won't want to miss in Ljubljana!


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  • A call for touring exhibitions and a call for project showcases will open mid-January
  • Browse the accepted sessions by mid-December and if you find the one where your contribution would be crucial - contact the session convenor, maybe a slot could be available for you


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2020 Ecsite Conference

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Ecsite Board decided that the 2020 Ecsite Conference would not take place. The 31st edition of the Conference was due to take place in Ljubljana, Slovenia and would have been hosted by the Kersnikova Institute.