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Call for proposals: Support for refugee integration

Creative Europe Programme - Cross-sectoral - Refugee Integration Projects (EACEA 12/2016)
Deadline: 28 April 2016

The Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) published a new call for proposals under the Creative Europe Programme "Support for refugee integration” (EACEA 12/2016). The documents necessary for drafting a project proposal are the text of the call for proposals and the guide for applicants. The full set of technical documents is available in English, French and German on the EACEA website.

Creative Europe is a specialist programme for profit and non-profit organisations in the cultural, artistic or other creative sectors in the European Union. Typical programme users are libraries, museums, media agencies and creative NGOs. This particular call offers small-scale grants for cross-sectoral consortia testing new ways of working to promote integration of refugees. The text of the call encourages active involvement of organisations from other sectors (ergo cross-sectoral) i.e. public, educational, health, social or similar. We recommend sharing info as a limited but interesting opportunity. Hint: for background information and potential partners contact the Creative Europe Desk in your country.

Programme objectives

  • Safeguard, develop and promote European cultural and linguistic diversity and to promote Europe's cultural heritage;
  • Strengthen the competitiveness of the European cultural and creative sectors, in particular of the audiovisual sector, with a view to promoting smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

Specific objectives

  • Support the capacity of the European cultural and creative sectors to operate transnationally and internationally;
  • Promote the transnational circulation of cultural and creative works and transnational mobility of cultural and creative players, in particular artists, as well as to reach new and enlarged audiences and improve access to cultural and creative works in the Union and beyond, with a particular focus on children, young people, people with disabilities and under-represented groups;
  • Strengthen the financial capacity of SMEs and micro, small and medium-sized organisations in the cultural and creative sectors in a sustainable way, while endeavouring to ensure a balanced geographical coverage and sector representation;
  • Foster policy development, innovation, creativity, audience development and new business and management models through support for transnational policy cooperation.

Specific objective for this call

  • Support cultural, audio-visual and cross sectorial projects aiming at facilitating the integration of refugees in the European environment, enhancing mutual cultural understanding and fostering intercultural and interreligious dialogue, tolerance and respect for other cultures.
  • Creative Partnerships: high quality consortia formed by bodies working in the creative and cultural sectors that will create and test initiatives designed to support the integration of refugees in the participating countries and share their results.

Priority for this call

  • Help refugees socialise and express themselves without necessarily speaking immediately the host country language.
  • Learning platforms in a wider sense, fostering respect and understanding for diversity, intercultural and civic competencies, democratic values and citizenship.
  • Give EU citizens the opportunity to discover, learn from and understand the values and cultures of refugees and - in the process rediscover and enrich their own.
  • Support the showcasing and co-creation of cultural and/or audiovisual works across Europe.
  • Offer the possibility of collaboration with organisations in other sectors in order to stimulate a more comprehensive, rapid, effective and long-term response to this global challenge.

Funding conditions

  • Budget for this call: 1 600 000 EUR
  • 8-12 projects to be selected under this call
  • Lead applicants and at least one partner organisation are legal entities with experience relevant to the objectives of the call and active in the cultural and creative sectors.
  • Partner organisations may include organisations from other sectors e.g. health and social.
  • Lead applicant and partner organisations are legally established in participating countries.
  • Participating countries are the 28 EU Member States, Iceland, Norway, Turkey, Albania, Serbia, Montenegro, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine.
  • Projects are transnational and involve at least three organisations from at least two participating countries.
  • Project grant requests are between 100 000 and 200 000 EUR per project.
  • Project grants can be up to 80% of total eligible project costs.
  • Project duration: up to 24 months
  • Applications are submitted to the European Commission via the EC Participant Portal.
  • Deadline for submitting proposals: 28 April 2016

Documents and downloads
Detailed information and documents are available for download on the EACEA website.

Further questions
For questions regarding this call for proposals feel free to contact the Red Cross EU Office via email to eberhard.lueder@redcross.eu