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The call for proposals is now closed

We hope you were on time to submit your session ideas for the Ecsite Online Conference and Ecsite Workrooms! Here's a handy guide as to what happens next:

The Conference Programme Committee will now evaluate all the sessions proposed by you. They will meet online over several days this month and they'll debate which sessions to accept, which sessions to leave out and which need a little work. They'll also be evaluating the Workrooms proposals and making a decision on which ones will run in the autumn.

The outcome of this online gathering will be shared with you by the end of April. You'll then be notified if your session was accepted, accepted with conditions or rejected. Those sessions accepted or accepted with conditions will have until 7 May to polish their abstracts, speakers contributions, etc.

On 8 May, sessions will be locked and the Ecsite office will start working on the Conference programme that will be launched on 18 May.

So for now, it's your turn to relax while the Programme Committee goes through all of the received submissions and will do their best to select those that you won't want to miss in June!


The call for touring exhibitions has been extended - the good news is that we have a slot each day of the Online Conference and Audrey O'Connell will be taking up the mantle (with her trusty white flag) for the touring exhibitions slots. Complete this application form for your touring exhibition to be included.

The call for project showcases has also been extended - simply complete this application form.

All slots for touring exhibitions and project showcase will be given on a first-come, first-served basis, following the usual eligibility criteria.


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