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Call for Programming Committee (ACPC) Chairperson

We are pleased to open the call for a new ACPC Chairperson to advise on the content of the Ecsite Conference programme.

About the Role

This is a high-profile volunteer position within Ecsite, providing an exciting opportunity to shape the direction of our Conference Programme, working closely with the Ecsite Event Manager. The ACPC Chairperson plays a crucial role in leading the committee, ensuring the delivery of a dynamic and engaging conference.

Who Are We Looking For?

  • Strong Leadership Qualities: You should have the ability to inspire and mobilize the ACPC committee, working together to create an outstanding programme .
  • Passion for Shaping the Conference Programme: A genuine interest in influencing the content and direction of our conference programme.
  • Strategic Vision: Ability to take a strategic view on the programme and help guide its direction.
  • Knowledge and Expertise: Understanding of science engagement, culture, and policy, with broader interests in these and other areas.
  • Representative Capabilities: Act as a representative of the ACPC in various capacities, presenting updates to the board and liaising with other key stakeholders.
  • Diplomatic and Pragmatic: Ability to navigate complex situations with diplomacy and pragmatism.
  • Responsive and Committed: A significant time commitment is required, including attending ACPC meetings in December, March, and July, the annual conference, and visiting new host locations each Autumn. All costs should be covered by your organisation.


  • Guide Programme Direction: Take a strategic view on the conference programme, helping to shape its direction.
  • Mobilise the Committee: Actively engage and mobilise ACPC members to ensure productive collaboration.
  • Regular Updates and Liaison: Regularly present updates to the board, catch up with the Ecsite Event Manager, and liaise with ACPC members.


The ACPC Chairperson position is for a term of 3 years, renewable for a further 3 years. Applicants must work for an Ecsite member organisation during this time.


Deadline for submissions - September 8, 2024

Candidates interviewed by the Ecsite Board - October 9, 2024

Candidates informed of decision - From October 14, 2024


Between 6-27 November, the newly appointed Chairperson should have time to review all session proposals submitted for the 2025 Ecsite Conference and be available to attend the ACPC meeting in person from 2-5 December in Warsaw.

Apply Now

If you are passionate about science engagement and have the leadership skills to drive our conference programme forward, we encourage you to apply for this exciting volunteer role.

Please apply by completing the questions below and attaching your CV or LinkedIn profile link and sending it to:

Catherine Franche, Ecsite Executive Director by email: cfranche@ecsite.eu

If you have any questions whilst preparing your submission, please contact Wiktor Gajewski, Events Manager at wgajewski@ecsite.eu

Join us in shaping the future of science engagement!

Questions (please answer in a maximum of 300 words per question)

  1. What excites you most about the opportunity to shape the Conference programme? Please use examples of your involvement in science engagement, culture, and/or policy, and explain how these experiences will guide you in this role.

  2. What is your vision for the future direction of our Conference programme? How would ensure it remains relevant and impactful?

  3. How would you approach leading, engaging and inspiring the committee to work towards a common goal, especially when faced with differing opinions and perspectives?