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Call for portraits: unusual talents

Trumpet player

The Spokes Editorial Committee is experimenting with a newly introduced type of feature, called Portfolio (see our first pilot here), bringing more visual narratives to your favourite professional magazine. Portfolios present series of case studies, new exhibitions, striking stats... any story better told in pictures than words.

For the third edition of this new format, out mid October, we are looking for portraits, in pictures or videos, of staff working in science engagement organisations. But not "just" any staff: those members of your workforce who have an unusual talent in the science engagement world and put it at the service of their job. Is your Security guard surprising visitors with magic tricks, your Head of research delivering quarterly updates in the form of interpretive dance or one of your Explainer starting their shows with a trumpet solo?

We'd like to sing unsung heroes and celebrate the amazing pool of talents in the science engagement field. This idea was inspired by a session called "Science Center Superheroes" at the 2018 ASTC Conference. We will select up to a dozen portraits, based how surprising and visually attractive they will be.

Please fill in this very simple form asking about the talented peer or colleague you'd like to sing the praise of by 20 September 2019.

If you have any question or remark, please get in touch with Editorial Committee member Wiktor Gajewski who is curating this portfolio.


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