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Call to Host the 2025 and 2026 Directors Forum

Ecsite is now accepting expressions of interest from those wishing to host Ecsite’s Directors Forum for 2025 and 2026.

The selection process will be conducted in two steps. The first step is submitting a non-binding expression of interest, followed by a second formal application stage. This process allows interested parties to meet with Ecsite before submitting final proposals and discussing their initial ideas for hosting the events. Ecsite is committed to working with the hosts to create the best possible events that will be mutually beneficial to all involved.

The Ecsite Directors Forum is an intimate gathering of approximately 100 senior leaders from Ecsite Full and Associate member organisations, taking place over 2 days. To express interest in hosting the event, the following requirements must be met:

  • Availability to host the Directors Forum in October/November 2025 and 2026 – applications for both years are also welcome.
  • Submission by an Ecsite full-member organisation – or by a consortium of partners led by a full member.
  • A letter of intent explaining the motivation for hosting the event and suggested dates of the event
  • A pitch for the programme theme of the event and information on the potential venue for the Forum (see below for more information on requirements) and for the social events
  • Explanation of Hosts commitment to sustainability, including ideas for making the event sustainable and highlighting existing green solutions in the venues and the city.
  • Support letters from organisations that can contribute to the event's organisation.

Please submit your expression of interest and all necessary documents to Wiktor at wgajewski@ecsite.eu


Expression of interest 24 April 2024

Pre-selection by the Ecsite Board by 8 May 2024

Dialogue with the Ecsite team May – June 2024

Submission of a formal bid 30 August 2024

Selection by the Ecsite Board September 2024

Announcement of the 2025 host

at the 2024 Directors Forum November 2024

Details about Directors Forum

The Directors Forum is an opportunity to discuss topics of strategic importance for science centres, museums, and other science engagement organisations, share lessons learned, and network with high-level professionals. Up to 100 participants attend it for 2 days of talks, discussions and workshops. The first day of the event finishes with a social event and a dinner, and the second day is wrapped up with optional tours to local cultural and science engagement institutions.

The Host is responsible for:

  • The event venue, including an auditorium and 2-3 other rooms for other parts of the programme
  • The theme and the programme of the event – created in collaboration with Ecsite
  • Relevant equipment and services (Wi-Fi) to run the event
  • Catering for the event, consisting of lunches and coffee breaks on both days and a dinner at the end of the first day
  • Design of the event visual identity, promotional materials for digital and print uses and printing of necessary materials.
  • Sustainability of the event and its production, ensuring it has as little negative climate influence as possible.
  • Securing venue and event accessibility for all participants, regardless of their abilities and needs
  • Providing a project team for organising and staffing the event

Ecsite is responsible for the overall event, notably:

  • Pricing, registration, fee collection
  • Communication with participants before and during the event
  • Promotion at the European and international level

Financial mechanisms between the Host and Ecsite

The Hosts and Ecsite sign a contract for the event's organisation, covering most of the specifications described above and the event budget. The host receives €165 (excl. VAT) from Ecsite per paying participant, which amounts to approx. 13-15.000 EUR in total. The payment is made after the event.

An example of a full agreement text can be provided to bidding organisations on request.