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Call for Ecsite Online Conference Hosts


Contact Raquel da Cunha, Communications & Events Manager at Ecsite

The 2020 Ecsite Directors Forum, October 2020, was online. Hosted by Technopolis, the Flemish Science Centre in Mechelen, Belgium

As you may have already heard, the Ecsite Conference will be taking place online in June this year, and Ecsite is calling for a Host, or a consortium of Hosts to help co-organise the event - a large, professional online event for the science engagement community.

The Ecsite Online Conference will be a paid event, and will aim to offer around 100 inspiring sessions, debates, workshops, a range of unique cultural events and unparalleled networking opportunities. The Ecsite Online Conference will harvest the potential brought by the digital: new means to collaborate and network, new opportunities for a more diverse audience

Working together on an exciting new opportunity

We wouldn't expect the Host, or consortium of Hosts, to go it alone! The Ecsite team will work together alongside the Host to shape this new online happening, in the spirit of all Ecsite events - creative, engaging, open and professional.

Why host such an event?

The Ecsite Online Conference will aim to be the largest Ecsite event so far with a target audience of 1,500+ professionals from more than 50 countries. Organising this online event will put the Host(s) on the international science engagement scene and will be excellent for the Host’s reputation at both international and local/national levels. You will be providing a crucial service to the European science engagement community, and a unique, exciting professional development adventure for your teams during a time when many physical opportunities are limited.

The Host institution(s) must be Ecsite members. Please submit your proposal via email by 31 January 2021, midnight CET

All the details of this call in the document are attached just below.



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