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Call for Ecsite members to join a Horizon proposal on STEAM activities as Affiliated Entities

About the proposal

Ecsite is involved in a new proposal that responds to the Call CL2-2023-HERITAGE-01-08, Cultural and creative approaches for gender-responsive STEAM education.

This is a one stage call, the deadline is 14th March 2023. The project is coordinated by APRE - The Agency for the Promotion of European Research, based in Italy. Ecsite is a project partner.

The overall aim of the proposal is to understand and channel the instances for gender inclusion and the challenges of the future in relation to the personal and professional aspirations of young people and especially young girls, through the synergy between applied artistic expression, creative and critical thinking and science and technological innovation. The project aspires to use the STEAM approach in a perspective that contrasts the eradication of the globalised world with an idea of rooting the progress directly in the narrative fabric of the past and cultural heritage, with particular reference to peripheral, rural and suburban realities.

Expected outcomes of this Call:

• A coordination network between organisations from the cultural and creative industries (CCIs), civil society, technological enterprises, secondary and higher education institutions and digital citizen platforms to foster the uptake of artistic, cultural and social science approaches in STEM education, research and innovation.

• Increased understanding about the benefits of integrating artistic, cultural and social science approaches in STEM education, research and innovation and its impact on competitiveness, gender equality and career perspectives.

• Pilot for the first European Union “STE(A)M week for future women innovators” together with science and technology museums, technological enterprises, secondary and higher education institutions, CCIs and relevant civil society organisations, engaging at least 4000 students in STEM educational activities through cultural and creative approaches.

• STEAM skills development and increased interest in new technologies, including those applied to cultural value chains and cultural heritage, to bridge the gender gap.

If selected, the project should start around January 2024.

Role of the Affiliated Entity (previously called Linked Third Parties)

The main tasks of the Affiliated Entity will be to:

  • Establish and actively engage a network of relevant stakeholders, structured on the specific pedagogical aspiration of the intended actions and thus with transversal skills and backgrounds
  • Participate in the mapping and adaptation of best practices with regards to currently existing STEAM educational activities and creation of new inputs
  • Develop and pilot exemplary practices and at least one annual edition of the "EU STEAM for Future Women Innovators" in their country. The week will target young people aged 11 to 18. Activities will be open to all genders with a particular focus on the participation of girls.
  • Participate in the Evidence Assessment of the project in order to improve existing knowledge on the potential of the synergy in education between art, cultural heritage, gender inclusion and STEAM.

Indicative budget

  • The budget will be calculated based on the Person month (one person working full time for one month) rate, including the following:
  • 6 Person-Months of salary costs
  • Around €7.000 in Other Direct Costs (travel costs, translation costs, comms & dissemination, materials for working with stakeholders). This budget will be confirmed according to the tasks allocated
  • Overheads (indirect costs) of 25% of the above two categories

Criteria for selection: obligatory

  • Ecsite member status
  • English-speaking project manager
  • The institution should be located in one of the following countries: Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Israel, Latvia, Norway, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Ukraine.

Criteria for selection: desirable

  • Experience in STEM/STEAM practices relating to secondary and higher education and informal settings, with a further emphasis on the interplay of open science and open schooling approaches
  • Experience in designing and implementing projects and activities on gender equality and inclusion
  • Experience with the organisation and implementation of science events (science weeks, science festivals, etc)
  • Strong links with cultural and creative industries which demand digital and technological skills (e.g. gaming, filming and music industries)
  • Strong links with some of the following: school educators, academics, informal/non-formal science educators, school students, higher education students, research and innovation community members, entrepreneurship and business members, policy makers, civil society and digital citizen platforms
  • Experience with the involvement of citizens from minority, socially disadvantaged and rural backgrounds

How to apply

Please fill in the online form by Sunday, 26th of February, 23:59 CET.

Successful applicants will be notified in due course and may be requested to submit additional information.

For any further questions, please contact Greta Alliaj (Ecsite) at galliaj@ecsite.eu.


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