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Call for Ecsite members to join a Horizon project on Health & Research Data as Affiliated Entities

Note: Affiliated Entities were previously known as Linked Third Parties

About the proposal

Ecsite is involved in a new proposal that responds to the Call HORIZON-HLTH-2023-TOOL-05-04 Better integration and use of health-related real-world and research data, including genomics, for improved clinical outcomes.

This is a one-stage call. The project is coordinated by LUXEMBOURG INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY. Ecsite is a project partner.

The project will design and develop essential building blocks of anonymisation, synthetic data generation and multiparty computation in an integrated platform to extend the data sharing abilities of health data hubs. It will enable the bridging between diverse data providers and citizen-generated health data. One of the expected outcomes of the project is to address the issue of citizens’ trust in the sharing and re-use of health data for research and healthcare purposes. This is a four-year project

If selected, the project is expected to start in January 2024.

Ecsite and the Coordinator of the proposal are looking for three organisations to join as Affiliated Entities.

Role of the Affiliated Entity

The main tasks of the Affiliated Entity will be to:

  • To co-create and implement science engagement activities with researchers and citizens such as Games (Playdecide, etc.), science cafes, small-scale science exhibitions or exhibits, etc. on themes around health data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, ethics
  • To create a science engagement toolkit for museums, science centres and other science engagement organisations, research centres and companies, to be used as a playful tool to choose and implement successful participatory activities engaging citizens and multiple stakeholders on health and data issues.
  • To create and provide communication and science engagement trainings with patients’ group and health care professionals.
  • To attend 2 project meetings.
  • To provide reports and insights on all activities as required by Ecsite.
  • To disseminate the project in its country.

Indicative budget

The budget will be calculated based on the Person month (one person working full time for one month) rate, including the following:

  • 6 Person-Months of salary costs.
  • €7.000 in Other Direct Costs (travel costs, translation costs, communication & dissemination materials for working with stakeholders).
  • Travel and subsistence for one staff member to attend 2 project meetings (€1500).
  • Overheads (indirect costs) of 25% of the above two categories.


Ecsite Full or Associate member status in 2023.

English speaking project manager.

The institution must be active in public engagement in science, have an interest in areas such as Health, Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Technology Ethics and have links with research institutions.

The institution must be located and carry out its activities in one of the following countries: the Member States of the European Union, including their outermost regions and Iceland, Israel, Norway, Serbia, Tunisia, Turkey and Ukraine..


Links with research institutions in tech and health sector or with tech companies.

Experience in co-creation activities with adults and patients.

Experience in designing communication and science engagement training for researchers.

How to apply

Please fill in the online form by 17th March 23:59 CET. Successful applicants will be notified in due course and may be requested to submit additional information. For any further questions, please contact Clara Boissenin (Ecsite) at cboissenin@ecsite.eu.


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