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Call for an Ecsite Member to join the Horizon Project Road-STEAMer as an Affiliated Entity (previously called Linked Third Party)

About the project

Road-STEAMer is a Coordination and Support Action (CSA) project funded under the HORIZON-WIDERA-2021-ERA-01-70 “Developing a STE(A)M roadmap for Science Education in Horizon Europe”. The project is coordinated by the Lisbon Council (Belgium) and Ecsite is a partner.

The overall aim of the project is to develop a STEAM roadmap for science education in Horizon Europe, i.e. a plan of action that will provide guidance to EU's key funding programme for research and innovation on how to encourage more interest in STEM through the use of artistic approaches involving creative thinking and applied arts (the “A” in ‘STEAM’). The consortium aims to provide Europe with this roadmap, through:

  • Collaboration and co-creation with the stakeholder communities of science education, research, innovation and creativity, through intensive exchange, dialogue and mutual learning among them which will produce better knowledge and shared understandings of the relevant opportunities, challenges and needs.
  • A bottom-up approach emphasizing educational practice and practitioners’ agency rather than high-level conceptualizations of STEAM and generic top-down plans (in reality often just vague statements of intention) for its adoption in science education.
  • A specific focus on ways to leverage the power of STEAM approaches, as manifested through exemplary cases and best practices, so as to enable a bridging of open science and open schooling which can catalyse an increased impact for science education as a crucial tool for addressing Europe’s current scientific and societal challenges.

Role of the Affiliated Entity

The main tasks of the Affiliated Entity will be to:

  • Collect information on both policies relating to STEM/STEAM education and initiatives (such as science events, STEAM training activities, science festivals, teacher conferences, etc.) in both formal and informal contexts.
  • 2 co-creation workshops contributing to the project’s exploitation strategy with members of existing networks and communities.
  • Engage members of stakeholder communities, such as school educators, academics, informal science educators and learners, school and higher education students, research and innovation community members and policy makers at various levels, through information campaigns, synergies, various incentives for active engagement, small-scale validation activities.

Indicative budget

The budget will be calculated based on the Person month (one person working full time for one month) rate, including the following:

  • Up to 5 Person-Months of salary costs
  • €6.000 in Other Direct Costs (travel costs, translation costs, printing & dissemination, materials for working with stakeholders
  • Overheads (indirect costs) of 25% of the above two categories

Criteria for selection: Obligatory

  • Ecsite member status
  • English-speaking project manager
  • The institution should be located in one of the following countries: Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia

Criteria for selection: desirable

  • Experience in STEM/STEAM practices relating to schools, tertiary education, and informal settings, with a further emphasis on the interplay of open science and open schooling approaches
  • Experience with engagement activities with the relevant stakeholders
  • Experience with co-creation in education
  • Strong links with some of the following: school educators, academics, informal/non-formal science educators, school students, higher education students, informal/non-formal science education learners/audience, research and innovation community members, entrepreneurship and business members, policy makers at various levels (local to European)

How to apply

Please fill in the online form by Sunday the 23rd of October 23:59 CET. Successful applicants will be notified in due course and may be requested to submit additional information. For any further questions, please contact Stephanos Cherouvis (Ecsite) at scherouvis@ecsite.eu


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