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Call for case studies: your approach to disability and access

2016 Ecsite award winning project: "Make music with your whole body" at Tekniska Museet, Sweden

For an upcoming Spokes article, Editorial Committee member Julie Becker is looking for science engagement organisations and professionals willing to share their approach to disability and the initiatives they develop.

The article's angle and scope are still under development and we're open to get challenged if needed. In a nutshell, it will aim to go "beyond ramps and large print" and present a wide spectrum of science engagement organisations working for and with disabled audiences. We are specifically looking for examples of organisations:

  • recruiting a more diverse workforce including people with disabilities
  • working with disabled people as experts / consultants / focus groups / co-creators (we'd like to explore several of the many models)
  • reviewing the contents they present in their programmes and exhibitions to: a) include disabled people in the stories told / images shown, not because of their disability but because they're simply members of society; b) tell the hitherto untold social and personal stories of disabled people and communities.

Get in touch at jbecker@ecsite.eu, if possible by 20 April (this is for the May issue!).


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