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Brush up your touring exhibitions before the EXTRA relaunch

EXTRA, the marketplace for scientific touring exhibitions

EXTRA, the marketplace for scientific touring exhibitions, is now almost ready for relaunch. What’s missing? A little spring clean from you!

The platform has been redesigned and will now be hosted on the Ecsite website. Browsing through exhibitions will remain open to all, while promoting shows is now reserved to Ecsite members and EXTRA sponsors.

Before the new EXTRA goes live on 9 June at the Ecsite Annual Conference, we are offering all Ecsite members the opportunity to review, update and clean up their exhibitions, which have been imported from the “old” platform. You can also upload new exhibitions. 



  • Make sure you write a punchy summary of what your exhibition is about in the field called “Summary”: this text will appear when your exhibition is listed in search results.
  • Add several good quality pictures to your exhibition, they are displayed in a lovely slideshow. The first picture in the gallery is displayed in search results together with the summary text.
  • You can now add a video to your promote you show – you will see that you simply need to enter a link to a platform like YouTube or Vimeo.
  • When publishing a news or event, you can link it to a specific exhibition (see the “related” field) – make use of this function to announce your openings, prizes etc!
  • All fields marked with * are mandatory – make sure they are all filled in, else you won’t be able to save your exhibition.
  • We suggest you leave old exhibitions in as a record (this is a way of showing you have expertise about exhibiting a certain topic), but clearly flag up in the summary that they are no longer available for touring.
  • Your organisation’s touring exhibitions are also shown on your page in the Members Directory.


How to access your touring exhibitions

You need to have an Ecsite login linked to your organisation’s membership group in order to edit and add touring exhibitions, in exactly the same way as news and events. You will find everything you need to know about logins, permissions and content management here.

  • Log in
  • Get on your organisation's public profile (either via the Members Directory or via your user profile - it's listed on the right hand side there)
  • To add a new exhibition, follow the link inviting you to do so on the right hand side  column
  • To access your organisation’s existing touring exhibitions, click on the “content management” tab and filter by “touring exhibitions”
  • If you’re not quite ready to publish an exhibition, you can keep it as draft by unclicking “published” in the “Publishing options” menu at the very bottom of the page.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Julie Becker, Communications and Events manager, if you have any question.


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