Austrian Youth Hub Takes the helm of the Expect Everything Campaign

Expect Everything Austrian Editorial Board

Expect Everything is Hypatia online campaign for and by teenagers. The campaign communicates directly with teenagers to spread the word on how great and varied STEM careers can be, how teenagers have an impact in science, how they can get involved, and other key messages.

Every month a group of teenagers from Hypatia’s hubs, called Expect Everything Editorial boards, contribute to the campaign with blog and social media posts. The contents are diverse as their voices and express their perception on STEM and gender inclusiveness. Editorial Board posts can vary from articles to interviews, from videos to memes but always promote gender inclusive ways to communicate science.

Since the campaign was launch in April 2017, teenagers from the Netherlands, Denmark, Italy, France, Israel, UK, Estonia, Ireland and Serbia have contributed to Expect Everything. In December 2018 Austria is taking over the helm! Stay tuned to Expect Everything Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to learn from teenagers themselves how we can communicate science in a gender inclusive way!


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