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Assessing new opportunities for the Space Group and Ecsite members

Ecsite and the European Space Agency (ESA) have been working closely together since 2012 through the Ecsite Space Group, a platform for science centres and museums to promote and highlight communication about European Space achievements and activities.

ESA is looking to gather information from science engagement organisations to reassess its participation with the Space Group and identify new opportunities to work together.

As part of this collaboration, Ecsite is conducting a survey with the support of ESA to better understand the needs and capacities of Ecsite Space group members, as well as other Ecsite members and their audiences, when engaging with space-related topics.

Answer the survey

Who can take part?

Although the survey is particularly targeted at Ecsite Space Group members and Ecsite members who regularly include space-related components in their activities or would like to do so, we would also like to hear from non-space related organisations on how they engage with their audiences.

Why is it important to take this survey?

By better understanding your needs and capacities, ESA could identify new trends that are emerging in your activities after a year of pandemic restrictions. This would help ESA adjust what it provides to science engagement organisations, both in terms of content and material, so that it fits your current and future needs. The more institutions that take part, the better, as this will give ESA a clearer picture of how to better tailor its content to suit your needs.

ESA and Ecsite will analyse the results of the questionnaire and will share them with Ecsite members and the Ecsite Space Group.

This is your opportunity to let ESA know directly what you need to support your actions, don’t miss out and take part in the survey.

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The Space Group improves and extends communication about space science by helping science centres, space professionals and non-specialists to develop collaborative projects and events.