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Arts Catalyst seeks a new Chair to lead Board of Trustees

Arts Catalyst, the non-profit arts organisation based in London and working nationally, is seeking a new Chair to lead its Board of Trustees and guide its mission and development.

The role of the Board is to provide:

  • Entrepreneurial and strategic leadership in pursuit of the organisation’s objectives
  • Prudent and effective control including the assessment and management of risk

More information about the job opportunity. Apply by 3 September (10 am).

About Arts Catalyst

Arts Catalyst is a non-profit arts organisation, based in London and working nationally, that has been a pioneer in producing projects, artworks and exhibitions that connect with other fields of knowledge, expanding artistic practice into domains commonly associated with science and specialist research.

In its 24 years, Arts Catalyst has commissioned more than 160 artists’ projects, including major new works by Tomas Saraceno, Aleksandra Mir, Critical Art Ensemble, Jan Fabre and the Otolith Group, and produced numerous exhibitions, events, performances and publications, collaborating with major arts, science and academic organisations.

Arts Catalyst’s Centre for Art, Science & Technology in King’s Cross, London, is a hub for our work, where we develop new projects and showcase our national and international work.


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