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Are you doing something special for the moon landing anniversary?

Full moon

The Spokes Editorial Committee is planning a new format (working title: portfolio) that will bring more visual narratives to your favourite professional magazine. We will use it to present series of case studies, new exhibitons, striking stats... any story better told in pictures than words.

A pilot is planned for release this summer in the July-August issue of Spokes, out on 1 August. It will showcase science engagement happenings organised around the 50th anniversary of the moon landing: events, exhibitions, web platforms, tours, shows, art installations... Do you think you're doing or planning something special? We'd like to hear of nicely visual initiatives that will surprise or intreague science engagement peers: perhaps you took a little explored angle, or tried a new technique, or built your event with unusual stakeholders... We will select a dozen case studies, based how innovative and visually interesting they will be.

Whether your initiative is ongoing or will be taking place on the big day, send the following elements to communications@ecsite.eu by 20 June 2019:

  • Name and location of your organisation
  • Name of your initative
  • Short description
  • Uniqueness: why is this project worth sharing with science engagement peers?
  • Web or socal media link
  • If you already have them: visuals (if not, explain what they're likely to look like and why they'll be interesting)


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