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Apply to the Heritage in Motions Awards

Heritage in Motion is a multimedia competition for the creators and users of films, games, apps and websites on themes related to Europe’s heritage, cultural and natural, tangible and intangible. Heritage in Motion grants awards and celebrates the best multimedia achievements and products – through varied, creative and innovative means - in order to draw attention to the value of Europe’s cultural and natural heritage in all its facets.

Cultural heritage is everywhere around us, but often remains unnoticed. Nowadays we are used to the fact that buildings are restored, landscapes are protected and certain folk art traditions are preserved in our society. However, cultural heritage changes with new generations: everything that is beautiful is also very vulnerable and needs to be protected, in order to remain accessible in the future.

Europa Nostra and the European Museum Academy have taken the initiative jointly to launch Heritage in Motion. These two founding partner organisations felt the need to gather the best multimedia products and achievements at a European event, focussing specifically on themes related to the safeguarding and promotion of Europe’s heritage. Heritage in Motion is empowered by Europeana.

Aims of Heritage in Motion

  1. To enhance the knowledge and understanding of Europe’s heritage among young and old.
  2. To improve access to Europe’s heritage, especially for young people.
  3. To attract and inspire the younger generation to experience their heritage.
  4. To link the experiential and perceptual world of young people to what is beautiful, through vision, discovery and interaction, both on-line and in real-time.
  5. To stimulate and encourage the guardians of Europe’s heritage and the makers of films, games and websites to share existing and to produce new multimedia material related to heritage.
  6. To share best practices among the champions and supporters of Europe’s heritage in the field of marketing and the use of new media.

Heritage in Motion Award

Producers, directors or other representatives of multimedia productions which relate to Europe’s cultural and natural heritage can apply to the Heritage in Motion office, based in The Hague, The Netherlands. Applications will also be accepted from cultural organisations, institutions related to heritage and museums.

An application form can be completed online, and should be accompanied by an entry fee of EUR 225,-. Please read the rules and regulations for further information.

The closing date for applications is 15 January 2016.

A selection committee will choose the nominees in various categories, and a jury will decide on the final winners in each category. During the Award Ceremony of Heritage in Motion, the winners of the Awards will be announced by the jury and presentations will be made.

One month before the Award Ceremony the applications – including the nominees and Award winners - will be shown on the Heritage in Motion website.