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Antonio Gomes da Costa joins Spokes Editorial Committee

Antonio Gomes da Costa

Antonio Gomes da Costa, Lisbon-based consultant, has just joined the Spokes Editorial Committee.

Prior to working full time in the field of science communication, Antonio Gomes da Costa was a teacher and a researcher in the field of bioenergetics.
In 2000 he was invited to work for the Ciência Viva, the Portuguese National Agency for Scientific and Technological Culture, where he was actively involved in bringing together scientific institutions, politicians, companies and other local actors in several localities in Portugal in order to develop a network of science centres.

In 2010, Antonio became an independent consultant in the field of science communication and informal learning. From 2010 till 2014, Antonio was the Coordinator of PLACES, an Ecsite-led European project on local science communication policies that involved more than 23 EU countries. Currently, he works as consultant for project development for major European science centres and museums and as a consultant for public engagement in the Middle East.


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