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Anti-racism protests – time to stand up for inclusivity

As anti-racism protests take place around the world, Ecsite, the European network of science engagement organisations, reaffirms its commitment to work with its members and its community in the fight against racism and against all inequities, and to act towards inclusive programmes, activities and attitudes.

As a collective, we have already begun to acknowledge our shortfalls and how we might be inadvertently contributing to inequality. We have started conversations in our conference workshops, online webinar, articles in our Spokes magazine and by providing a financial contribution to the Equity@Ecsite group for the development of an Inclusion, Equity and Diversity Framework for science engagement organisations such as science centres and museums. We will continue to encourage our community to take action to become more diverse and inclusive and to actively contribute to equity in our society.

We recognise the benefits for science, technology and for society to seek and include diverse ideas, perspectives, knowledge, culture and approaches coming from all people. Valuing all humans is a fundamental ethic shared by the European science engagement community and now, more than ever, it has to be translated into concrete actions.

Together with our North American sister network, ASTC (Association of Science and Technology Centers) https://www.astc.org/diversity-equity-accessibility-and-inclusion/statement-by-astcs-president-and-ceo/, we stand for equity and justice.

As science engagement professionals, we have a role to play in shaping the open-minded, democratic societies that will stand up to racism. Furthermore, we will keep using our organisations’ power to engage millions of citizens in dialogue and foster openness and equity.


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