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Announcement - New Ecsite Conference Committee Members

Ecsite warmly welcomes three new experts to the Annual Conference Programme Committee:

Pedro Russo Assistant Professor in Astronomy & Society at Leiden University and Member of Ciência Viva’s Board of Directors. Pedro brings a depth of knowledge of international scientific organisations that he's gained as being part of groups such as the International Astronomical Union, European Astronomical Society and Europlanet.

Raphael Chanay - Exhibition Director at Universcience. With a diverse background in managing exhibitions in natural history and historical musuems (Natural History Museum and Imperial War Museums, London) to his current position at Universcience, Raphael will offer a unique perspective to the ACPC’s activities.

Jurij Krpan - Artistic Director of Kernikova. An Artistic Director who focuses on contemporary arts that thematise the impact of new technologies on individuals and society as a whole, Jurij will offer a valuable cultural perspective on forthcoming Conference programmes.

And a huge thanks to departing members Maria João Fonseca, Sheena Laursen and Dorothée Vatinel for their dedication and work as part of the ACPC. Their years on the committee have helped to ensure that Ecsite Conferences are always joyful, intriguing and original. Thank you!