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After 3 years, EU-Citizen.Science is coming to an end

All good things must come to an end. Unfortunately.

After 3 years of intense work, the EU-Citizen.Science project is ending at the end of the month.

So much has happened during those 3 years: The EU-Citizen.Science platform has grown to become the knowledge hub for citizen science in Europe. Over 25 training modules have been produced and made available on the moodle integration of the platform. And so many events, activities and discussions have brought us together and have allowed the citizen science community to gather and meet during these troubled times. The list of initiatives developed by the project could go on.

We say that a picture is worth a thousand words. But what about a video?

Check out what the 36 past months have been filled up with:


The EU-Citizen.Science consortium is thrilled to know that the platform and all the channels will be inherited and managed by ECSA for the next 5 coming years. We are sure that the collaboration is only beginning, and that the citizen science community created around the platform will continue to flourish and enjoy the various features available!