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From ABC to ABSeas: Ocean Literacy for all

Intended for the second-level teachers and marine educators, this free online course empowers students and environmentally conscious citizens to develop a greater understanding of the importance of the Ocean. Many European citizens are not aware of the ocean’s influence on us and our influence on the ocean. In other words, many of us lack a sense of “Ocean Literacy”. This presents a barrier for citizens to engage in ocean-responsible behavior or consider ocean-related careers.

Led by the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO, this 5-week course teaches strategies and approaches to integration of Ocean Literacy into educational programs, shares activities, initiatives and lessons developed by marine experts and contributes to creating a community of educators interested in ocean issues and Ocean Literacy.

Mark the date November 7th in your agendas and find out more about the course in the attached flyer or directly on the MOOC website.



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