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Fiorella Coliolo - Coordinator of the Space Group for ESA

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Public event at Parque de las Ciencias about Rosetta mission

The Space Group aims at improving and extending communication about space by helping specialized science centres and space professionals to work together with non-specialists and develop collaborative projects and events.

Joining Ecsite’s Space Group means getting closer to space professionals and science centres willing to communicate about space. It also allows to be better informed about space news, programs, and discoveries. The Space Group offers opportunities to share experience, expertise, knowledge, and tools.

For Europe’s main space actors like the European Space Agency (ESA), national space agencies, industries, research institutions, and academia, the Space Group offers the possibility to build close collaborations with science communication professionals. The group benefits from the already established European networks of Ecsite and the European Space network of ESA and its member states.

Taking part

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Hook-up with Rosetta campaign

The Ecsite Space group, with the support of the European Space Agency (ESA), offers you to join the European campaign about the exciting ESA’s Rosetta mission! The campaign invites all museums and science centres to organize activities and events to share the knowledge and main steps of the mission. A kit of activities is ready for use, available for free for Ecsite members and at a very cheap price for other institutions. Learn more about the campaign and available resources.

How it all started…

Communicating space science may not be an easy task for a non-specialist. Before the 2012 Ecsite Conference in Toulouse, France, which topic was “Space and Time, unlimited”, a workshop entitled, “Communicating European achievements in Space” was organized by Ecsite, Cité de l’Espace and ESA. Representatives from science centres, space agencies, and private companies debated on how to communicate space topics to the general public. This group gained momentum during the conference and a task force was created which proposed an Ecsite Space Thematic Group which would include one representative from ESA, one from a science centre specializing in space, and a representative from a non-space oriented science centre (see Co-Chairs). A second meeting was held in October 2012, in Naples, with the participation of representatives from science centres, industries and the Italian Space Agency (ASI), during the International Astronautical Congress. The proposal of the thematic group was formally approved in November 2012, during the Ecsite Board Meeting, in Luleä, Sweden.

Steering Committee


  • Marc Moutin, Cité de l´Espace, France
  • Ana Noronha, Ciência Viva, Portugal
  • Maria Menendez, European Space Agency, France

Space Group members

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