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MuseumsPartner and Little Ray's Nature Centres

This is a new cooperation between MuseumsPartner and Little Ray's Nature Centres bringing live animal touring exhibitions to the European market.

MuseumsPartner are specialised in turnkey traveling exhibitions, fine art logistics, exhibition design and technology.

In collaboration with leading international museums, MuseumsPartner develop and produce touring exhibitions.

Their exhibitions combine scientific curatorial expertise with immersive, interactive exhibition design and exceptional, original objects drawn from world-renowned museums and collections. They showcase the broad and dynamic fields of archeology, history, ethnology and art history to create unique and fascinating experiences that bring past events, world cultures, art and places to life.

Little Ray's Nature Centres is one of North America's largest exotic animal rescues.

This organisation creates a series of themed animal and environmental museum quality exhibits that are modular, customizable, and expandable to any size.

In addition to their wildly popular exhibits program, Little Ray's helps develop and create nature centres at facilities that are looking to add animal programming to their already popular experiences.

Visit them at their booth to find out more!

Website: https://www.museumspartner.com/en/ and https://littlerays.org

MuseumsPartner and Little Ray's Nature Centres are Platinum Sponsors of the 2021 Ecsite Online Conference.