Archimedes Exhibitions designs and creates a new permanent exhibition for the Museum for Communication Frankfurt.

Since the 10th of September 2017, the new permanent exhibition “MEDIA TELL THEIR (HI)STORIES” is open for visitors at the Museum for Communication Frankfurt. The exhibition presents the big phenomena of communication history in a colourful and interactive display, with more than 500 original exhibits on 44 thematic islands over an area of 2,500 square metres.

Media define our daily routine. They influence our perception, our memories, our knowledge, and our relationships – in short: our whole lives. Four main phenomena shape our relationship with media: acceleration, interconnection, control, and participation. In cooperation with the Museum for Communication, Archimedes Exhibitions based the creation of the new exhibition around these four main topics. Each of the phenomena has a dedicated space in the exhibition offering thought-provoking impulses. These rooms within the room provide a special communicative experience while simultaneously serving as a guiding structure for the exhibition. There is no beginning or end, there is not one linear story.

Moving away from the usual predefined chronological tour is characteristic of the innovative concept of the Museum for Communication. All structuring principles seem to have been abandoned. Instead, the exhibition appears like a pop-up book: The visitors are free to explore and create their own narrative. It is their choice to either follow a thematic approach along the four phenomena, or navigate the islands independently, guided only by their individual interests. The visitors become users who surf the exhibition like the World Wide Web, finding and building links along the way. By independently accessing and interactively shaping the contents, the visitors also turn into readers of their own history and creators of their own museum experience. At the visitors’ discretion, there are communicators who can help to guide them through the exhibition.

The 44 thematic islands show exemplaric media histories, present technological achievements, and tell impressive anecdotes. Each island is individually tailored to best suit its content: They all share a basic concept, but not the same design. The front allows for playful access to the presented topic, foregrounding the anecdote. The back presents background knowledge, embedding the story in the larger context of world history.

In that way, the eexhibition allows for two very different approaches to a topic. Why was the rotary phone invented? Due to competition in the undertaker business! What enabled our modern global economy? The installation of the transatlantic cable! And how can one single fax cause the relegation of a football club? By not being delivered in time!

“MEDIA TELL THEIR (HI)STORIES” presents moving and pivotal moments of communication history, from Goethe’s love letters, to the last telegram from the sinking Titanic, to Justine Sacco’s fateful tweet. But media are not only history, they also shape the present and the future. We are in the middle of a radical change of society – the technological achievements brought about by digital transformation are of historical dimensions, we cannot yet fully fathom the effects this development will have on our lives. One thing is certain: Media accelerate our lives, increasingly interconnect us, allow for more control, but also for more participation. The exhibition “MEDIA TELL THEIR (HI)STORIES” contributes towards understanding the risks and confidently using the chances.

More information here: www.archimedes-exhibitions.de/projects/exhibitions/MfKF_Project


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