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Cleantech - The Battle at science center NEMO

This spring, all across Netherlands, hundreds of students competed with each other and with ‘The Boss’, a top executive of a leading company in the field of science and technology. Cleantech – The Battle was aimed to help students through debating to be aware of the impact of science and technology in our lives. It also aimed to inform them better about Clean Technology and why this is so important for the future. The eight nominated teams were selected from over 800 participants from secondary schools from throughout the Netherlands. Students from the Christian Gymnasium Gymnasium Sorghvliet in the Hague won the national title ‘Best Debate Team 2012’ during the debate contest Cleantech – The Battle in science center NEMO on 6th of June 2012. They debated with seven other teams. The jury, consisting of Rob Hattum (curriculum director NEMO), Diederik Samsom (Labour Party leader), Robert Kleiburg (COO ECN) and Else Nieuwkerk (Dutch expert from the debate Debate Institute). Besides the award for ‘Best Debate Team the jury gave even more prizes. Thus, the two prizes for Best Individual Debaters’ were given to students of the Marianum from Groenlo and Were Di College in Valkenswaard. The debate competition is a collaboration between Science Center NEMO, Dutch Debate Institute, Jet-Net Program and NME. More information: www.e-NEMO.nl


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