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20 Years of Archimedes

We are celebrating: This autumn, Archimedes is turning 20 years old! Founded by a couple of friends with a collective passion for exhibition design, today around 70 people work in our interdisciplinary team in order to realise versatile exhibitions, research projects, brand spaces, and exhibits. In our offices we draft and design, what we promptly produce in our 1,000 sqm big workshop, before we ship it worldwide and assemble it at the target location. And the Archimedes-principle has proven itself: In the last 20 years, more than 20 million people have visited our exhibitions and brand spaces all around the world.

And so we say: Cheers! Here’s to another 20 years!


Archimedes Exhibitions

Archimedes Exhibitions designs multisensual experiences in three-dimensional space. For this, we develop and realise interactive experience platforms and exhibits, scenographies, and exhibitions that appeal to all five senses. Our customers include science centres, international companies, museums, research institutions all over the world, and even the German Parliament. Archimedes develops location-based shows but also tours its exhibitions across the globe.

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