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May Holiday

23 April 2022 - 8 May 2022
  • Workshop

During the May holiday there will be all sorts of things to do at NEMO. From 23 April until 8 May, there are additional workshops and demonstrations for you to enjoy, with special attention to water. Please note that NEMO will also be open on Mondays throughout this holiday period. NEMO is closed on Wednesday 27 April 2022 (King's Day).


During the May holidays, NEMO pays extra attention to: water. Visit the renewed exhibition Zuiver Water on floor 2. Here you will discover all the steps needed to get drinking water from the tap in Amsterdam. In workshops you can experiment with soap bubbles and have a look at Octomadness, a life-size zoetrope with a large moving octopus on top. Or is the octopus standing still?

Clear Water

Clean drinking water is not something that simply ‘happens’. With the right technology, it is possible to make almost all water clean enough to make it safe to drink. Water from the sea, the soil, or from rivers, for example.

Discover all the stages that have to be passed before drinking water comes out of Amsterdam’s taps.

10.00 - 17.30

Duration: 15 minuten
For whom: from 6 years
Location: 2nd floor

Zoetrope Octomadness

This zoetrope (Klaas-Harm de Boer, 2014) is made of 64 unique 3D-printed and hand-painted figures. Due to the blinking light, short images are created. Your brain turns these images into a movie.


Duration: 3 minuten
For whom: Alle ages
Location: Evenementenzaal, ground floor

Experiment with soap bubbles

Are soap bubbles always round? Or can you also blow square bubbles? Can you poke a bubble without it bursting? Check it out for yourself!

10.30 - 17.00

Duration: 15 minutes
For whom: from 6 years
Location: Evenementenzaal, ground floor

Book your tickets in advance

We request all visitors to purchase or reserve a ticket with a specific start time in advance to avoid crowding.

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Create a mini-film

Make your own zoetrope or thaumtrope and run a mini-film.


Duration: 15 minutes
For whom: from 6 years
Location: Theater, second floor

Pop-up experiments

Can you escape if you are tied together by two ropes, without letting go of the ropes? What happens to a marshmallow in vacuum? Can you make a tornado in a bottle? Can you press a balloon onto a bed of nails without breaking the balloon? Be surprised by various experiments at the test cart in NEMO.


Duration: 5 minutes
For whom: from 4 years
Location: several places in the museum

Make a shadow painting

Get started with light and shadow and create shadow paintings together.


Duration: 15 minutes
For whom: from 6 years
Location: the Maker Space, second floor

Hands-on chemistry

In the NEMO chemistry laboratory, visitors can become scientists in their own right – for a little while at least. Lab coat? Check! Safety glasses? Check! It’s time to get to work on your own experiments. You’ll discover the hidden properties of baking powder, vinegar and other household items.

From 11.00 - 17.00 hrs.

Duration: 20 minutes
For whom: from 6 years
Location: Laboratory, third floor

Science Live: What do you eat and drink?

What do you eat and drink? There is no arguing about taste; everyone has their own eating habits. We are very curious about yours! Take part in the snack game with one of your parents or discover how much you know about different types of drinks while carrying out a fun assignment.

A research by Wageningen University.

Saturday 23 April until Sunday 8 May
10.30 - 17.00 hrs

Duration: 15 minutes
For whom: From 9 years
Location: Science Live, first floor


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