10 September 2016 - 11 February 2018
  • Exhibition
  • How much air do you breathe in and out?
  • Do you perceive every second to be as long as another?
  • Are you a shouter or a whispering loudhailer?

What the human body performs every single day is simply awesome! Litres of air are sucked into the lungs and pushed back out again. Muscles, bones and tendons let us jump great heights, run long distances, and maintain our balance whatever we do …. The astonishing feats performed by our heart, lungs, eyes, muscles, skin, vocal chords and nerves can now be tested and challenged at 30 different experimental stations. At the new "Manometer!" special exhibition at phaeno in Wolfsburg from 10.09.2016 to 11.02.2018, everyone's invited to try out, explore and be simply amazed at all the things our body can do!

"Children and adults can exert their full physical commitment in the special exhibition: by jumping, screaming or just reacting! In doing so, they'll realise that we can measure many of our bodily capabilities very effectively: from hearing ability and lung volume to the body's response times," explains Davy Champion, who has organised the special exhibition.

The measurement and self-assessment of what our body is capable of is the focus of this new exhibition on loan from the Swiss Science Centre Technorama.

Our different senses help us constantly re-evaluate ourselves and the environment: if we're waiting for something to happen, listening to beautiful music or in the middle of an enthralling date – is one minute then just as long as another? Can we estimate weights and dimensions correctly? Does the candleholder weigh only 500 grams or a kilo? Is that a metre or is it longer? Various experiments in the exhibition show us that we can be spot on, or sometimes wide off the mark.

Shouter or loudhailer?

One highlight of the new special show is the "Shouter" exhibit. Enclosed in a soundproof box, visitors can try to whisper as softly as leaves rustling in the wind or scream as loud as an electric drill, or even a jet plane.

In addition, children and adults will be amazed by a host of physical tricks: how to land as softly as a cat? Why does the computer know where I will land? Is one cool or hot?

Information on sponsors of the exhibition:

The exhibition is kindly supported by the Deutsche BKK. Their concern is to make health a tangible experience.


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