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Exhibition Transnatural festival 2012

6 September 2012 - 6 October 2012
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The Transnatural festival commences on Friday 7 September and presents an experience of innovation and a glimpse of the future with art, design, business and scientific examples at the NEMO Science Center in Amsterdam. The third edition of the festival has grown considerably since its inception. The programme comprises this year of a month long interdisciplinary exhibition, a two day conference and a weekend of music and performance. The exhibition presents a combination of work from designers and artists, research and products from the R&D labs of innovation and technology companies. Established names will showcase alongside up-and-coming talent from academies and universities. Young visitors will also be able to take part through interactive installations and workshops. The theatre, roof and wharf at NEMO create the backdrop for the exclusive music and performance programme for the festival weekend on 7 and 8 September. The ctm (club transmediale Berlin) will deliver the evening and late night programme on 7 September featuring installations, performances and the latest electronic sounds from the Berlin music scene. The Amsterdam based Fiber Festival will deliver the Saturday programme featuring young, homegrown talent.
The Discovery Festival takes place during the same month at NEMO. The festival compliments Transnatural with a fascinating programme focusing on scientific developments.

The Discovery Festival is organized in NEMO at the 28th of September and shows a parallel programme with a focus on scientific developments.


NEMO Science Museum

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