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Vetenskapens Hus (Stockholm House of Science)

Vetenskapens Hus is an educational center initiated in 2001 as a collaboration between KTH (Royal Institute of Technology) and Stockholm University. The main goal has, since its inception, been to increase young peoples´ interest and knowledge in STEM subjects in an exiting environment using relevant themes and age-appropriate hands-on activities, and to contribute to an increased number of future scientists, engineers and mathematicians. Our main target groups are students and teachers from primary to upper secondary school.

Vetenskapens Hus meet about 72 000 students and teachers per year. We have several modern and well-equipped laboratories in the middle of AlbaNova university center and a little house in the middle of the beautiful Bergius Botanic Garden (Bergianska trädgården) in the north part of Stockholm.

The core of our activities consists of more than one hundred school programmes and more than twenty advanced professional growth programmes for teachers in the areas of physics, chemistry, biology, technology and mathematics. The activities for students are meant to provide an authentic view of science, engineering and mathematics. Our university students lead these activities, and act as role models for visiting children and teenagers. In order to increase the professional skills and expertise of teachers, we also offer educational enrichment programmes where both researchers and the business community participate. We maintain close cooperation with active researchers, and discuss issues of the day. We also hold major events in Stockholm, at which children, teenagers and teachers encounter the latest in science, engineering and mathematics

At Vetenskapens Hus, schools, universities and the business community meet to present young people with concrete examples of advanced studies, current research and exciting opportunities at work.