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Turm der Sinne

Hands-on museum on human perception for youths, students and interested adults in one of the historic towers of the ancient town wall. "Turm der Sinne" ("Tower of Senses"), focuses on phenomena of human perception, particularly experiential illusions, and is designed to lead to an understanding of their scientific background. The special profile of the Turm der Sinne includes the scientific foundation of effects and their explanations, a thematic concentration on sensual perception, and an examination of the relevance of perception to our world view.

Main topics are:
(A) The functioning of human senses: Physiological and psychological factors of perception, neuronal processes as the objective basis of subjective experience.
(B) Perceptual illusions: Perceptions as "hypotheses of the brain," determined by innate or intrinsically learned anticipations, assessments or prejudices.
(C) Paths to reliable knowledge: Examples of how science offers a reliable strategy to avoid commonplace mistakes by applying appropriate experimental methods and evaluation procedures.

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